The FDP Association

Figli di Pasta Madre Viva

“Figli di Pasta Madre” is an association created by the maestro pizzaiolo Renato Bosco, from “Saporè” pizzeria at Verona (Italy). It has been conceived in order to recognize the daily work of the baker who ferments its products only using natural yeast.

The term “Pasta Madre Viva” refers to a sourdough (composed mainly by yeasts, lactic and acetic bacterias) wich baker “refreshes” daily in order to control its balance, avoiding an excessive acidity of the final dough. Working properly with “Pasta Madre Viva” we get the best results of flavor and texture.

Outside Italy, Marinetta Mia was the first european restaurant which belonged to “FDP” and we feel very proud for it.

+Info: www.figlidipastamadre.it