The Pizza and the Focaccia

We love to make bread

The Pizza

The Focaccia

Pizza is originally from Naples, Focaccia from Genoa. Both are close to the mediterranean sea, they are sisters, daughters of Bread. In “Marinetta Mia” we like to make good bread, we like to use the best flours, those which retain their nutritional properties because they are crushed in mills with natural stone. We also care for  a long fermentation, using natural yeast (sourdough). The result is a light dough with an intense flavor and very good digestibility.

The Pizza is thin and crunchy. The Focaccia is thicker, with more extravirgin olive oil, slightly crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. Both can be a perfect dish to share or a single dish. Our dough is probably our best product, the one wich requires more care and effort.

Outside Italy, Marinetta Mia was the first european restaurant which belonged to “FDP”.
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